1. Duck with crispy skin that’s like bacon.

    @Cafe Provence in Kansas City

  2. Mako Shark

    Chef Phillip cooks it right

    @Cafe Provence in Kansas City

  3. French Onion Soup on an unusually cool June 1st in Kansas City

    @ Cafe Provence

  4. Blood Orange Margarita at Lounge 5280 @ Denver International Airport

  5. Lillet cocktail.

  6. Summer.
    Lillet and sunglasses. 

  7. Corned beef sausage

  8. Beef short ribs

  9. Fresh guanciale.
    Unsmoked Italian bacon prepared with pig’s jowl or cheeks.

    This goes on my cheeseburger tonight.

  10. Linguini with local asparagus, fresh morels, shrimp (from who knows where), tomatoes, garlic and onions.